These notes are to help you complete the Examination Application Form.

The numbers on this list refer to the numbered rows on the Application Form.

If you are entering more than three subjects, please use an additional examination application form.

1.    Depending on the subject, exams are available in January, March, May/June and November.

Please indicate to which series this application applies.  You must fill in a SEPARATE form for each series.

2.   Please give your ‘legal’ name as it appears on your birth (or marriage) certificate or passport.

8.   The UCI is a 12 digit number followed by a letter.  It will be on a previous statement of entry or statement of results.  If you have not taken any examinations since 1998 you may not have a UCI number.  If you do not have a UCI number, write NONE in the space and we will allocate a number to you.  If you have taken exams since 1998 at another centre it is vital that you give us the same number used at your previous centre.  Please contact your previous centre if you are not sure.  If you are entering some components of your exams through a distance learning centre, you must use the same UCI number for both centres, so that your marks are added up for the final grade.

9.   If you are studying with a distance learning organisation, please give us details.  We are aware of the standard procedures which some organisations follow with regard to coursework/ISA tests and controlled tests, so this could be useful information.  It is your responsibility to liaise with your organisation to determine what procedures you must follow.

11.  If you wish to apply for extra time, or any other special consideration for your examination you are required by the examination board to provide supporting documentation to Macclesfield Tutorial College as your entering centre.

12.  Please give the exact title of the subject as shown in the specification. (eg, not just ’Hist’)  All subject and module titles and codes are shown in the subject specifications which may be downloaded from the exam board websites.

13.  For GCE A Level exams, please show whether the level is AS or A2.

15. If you are entering for a subject involving coursework, please indicate which centre is responsible for administering the entry. This could be MTC or your distance learning organisation.

16.  Please show who is marking or authenticating your coursework.  This could be MTC, your own tutor or your distance learning organisation.  If you are entering the coursework through MTC it may be sent directly to the moderator by your distance learning organisation, or it may be sent to us to forward to the moderator.  Whoever you are learning with, please check with them which option applies in your case.

17.  Give the exact title of each module/unit and its entry code, as shown in the specifications.  Please note that it is your responsibility to give us the correct codes.

18.  Please show the tier (Higher or Foundation) for GCSE/IGCSE exams if applicable to your subject.

19. Please take note of any restrictions shown in the specification about entering as a private candidate.  There may be a special code for the external marking of coursework (for example, AQA English includes the letter X in the entry code)

Remember to include your Private Candidate Coursework Information Form with your entry (AQA).

20.  If this is your last attempt for this subject and you now wish to receive a final certificate, please write ‘cash in’ in the box and add the cash in (subject award) code as shown in the specification, if relevant.