Some GCSE coursework has being replaced by Controlled Assessment Tasks. You are advised to check the specifications to find out whether you are required to attend sessions at an academic/examination centre, such as Macclesfield Tutorial College, in order to prepare for and complete a Controlled Assessment Task as part of your GCSE qualification, in addition to your written examinations.

As the name suggests, Controlled Assessment Tasks are carried out under various levels of supervision arranged by the academic/examination centre. By arrangement, the College will provide

  • all elements of Controlled Assessment Task Taking and Task Marking, including any elements of preparation and analysis prior to the Task Taking;
  • authentication of Controlled Assessment Tasks;
  • secure storage of your work securely between sessions.

You must be available on the dates and times specified by Macclesfield Tutorial College to undertake all elements of controlled assessment. This can include the writing-up sessions as well as any research and analysis sessions. All elements which require the ‘high’ or ‘medium’ levels of control must be undertaken at the College (or perhaps at another location under our supervision). The lengths of these sessions will vary but writing-up sessions can add up to 6 hours; research and analysis sessions can be as long as 20 hours altogether.

If, as a private candidate, you wish to be entered for an examination which includes a Controlled Assessment Task, you must be willing to accept these conditions as specified by the examination boards. Inevitably, these arrangements will involve additional costs. Please refer to the “Scale of Fees” page under the Applications tab.

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) has produced a document about Controlled Assessment Tasks. Please refer to the “Joint Council for Qualifications” page under the Exam Procedures tab.