Coursework requirements differ from subject to subject and from examination board to examination board. You are advised to check carefully the coursework requirements for the subject you are taking; by the time you make your exam entry through the College, it may be too late to correct any misunderstandings.

Many GCSE subjects now include Controlled Assessment Tasks. The regulations require much more formal supervision which may present problems for private entries. The College will help you to overcome these difficulties if we can. Please refer to the “Controlled Assessment” page under the Examination Procedures tab.

The code entered on the application form may depend on which type of coursework option applies to you.

  • Some examination boards do not allow private candidates to enter the coursework option in some subjects. If this is the case, an extra written paper or a practical examination may be taken instead.
  • Some coursework has to be marked by the examination board, and some by the tutor.

Private Candidates taking AQA subjects which have a coursework component must fill a Private Candidate Coursework Information Form and send it to the College at the same time as the examination application form and administration fee is submitted.  Your entry will not be processed until the Form is received.

The Private Candidate Coursework Information Form is available on the AQA website.

Externally Assessed Coursework marked by the examination boards.

Coursework should be handed in to Macclesfield Tutorial College by April 20th. It must be accompanied by the completed and signed Authentication or Private Candidate Record Form.

Macclesfield Tutorial College will then post the coursework accompanied by the form to the examination board.

Internally Assessed Coursework marked by the College

Coursework and completed Authentication Form or Private Candidate Record Form (Private Candidates only) should be submitted by 30th March .

Please note there is an additional cost if you require your coursework to be marked by one of our tutors prior to moderation.

Work handed in later than 30th March will incur a £40.00 late fee.

Please retain a copy of all your coursework.