Online Lessons to Support Your Upcoming Exams

Online Lessons Make Learning Accessible


The tuition available at Macclesfield Tutorial College has enabled 100’s of our previous students to achieve the results they required to achieve their goals (view testimonials). Whether young or old, we have great experience working with students of all ages aiming to expand their skills and qualifications. Students come to us for many reasons but their common objective is to learn and develop. Whether that is obtaining GCSE or A Level qualifications necessary to gain entry to higher education, retraining for a career change, or learning a foreign language before travelling, our tutors have the skill and experience to help. Now, the convenience of online lessons means that it is no longer necessary to visit the College in person. If you have access to the internet (and preferably a webcam and a microphone!) you could be enjoying the benefits of MTC tuition from the comfort of your own home. Add to that the fact that online lessons are a more costs effective means of accessing tuition from MTC, and you can see why many of our students are now taking advantage of them!

Distance Learning Using Online Lessons

The technology for video calls and online meetings is now commonplace and education is just one area which has benefitted. It is now possible to seek out the best tutors irrespective of location so you can benefit from lessons with an MTC tutor without the need to visit the college in Macclesfield.

Lessons take place in a virtual classroom but you will still have face to face time with the tutor and be able to communicate freely as if you were in the same room. We use digital visualisers to enable the tutor to be able to write on a virtual whiteboard, sharing diagrams, ideas and concepts as they would in a traditional classroom so most areas of study are possible.

Many students find it beneficial to have a few sessions face-to-face in the College first, then they can have online sessions throughout term time and continue to supplement their school education.

A Level Online Study and GCSE Online Study

Online lessons can be used to support complete study courses with us, as well as occasional tuition. A full or part time A level or GCSE course with Macclesfield Tutorial College can be timetabled to accommodate your life outside college and our students benefit from schedules tailored to their needs. Online lessons can be used as part of a timetable, where appropriate, meaning that travel times can be limited. Certain components may require attending at the College, such as conducting science practicals in the College laboratory, but many elements of a modern syllabus can be covered via distance learning.

Online Security

Online lessons with Macclesfield Tutorial College are designed to provide peace of mind and offer the same degree of security as if you were attending the College itself. All of our tutors have a valid DBS certificate. The additional benefit, when compared with the traditional classroom environment, is that all lessons are recorded and are made available to the student to review and reinforce their learning. Lessons can also be reviewed by parents so they are kept informed of progress and reassured of the quality of subject matter and delivery. Online lessons are also subject to review by College staff for safeguarding and quality control purposes.


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