Your examination results may be obtained from the College on ‘results day’ as notified by the exam boards. Please do not contact the College before 10.30am in order to give time for the required printing and collation.  If you telephone for your results, we will ask a number of security questions to protect this confidential information for you. If you come to the College in person, please bring photo-identification with you.

Paper copies of your results slips will be posted to you on ‘results day’ unless you inform us beforehand, in writing, of alternative arrangements.

Certificates will be posted to you as soon as we receive them. This may be up to six weeks after the results are published to allow time for appeals and other post-results procedures. There is no set date on which the certificates are issued.

If you wish to collect your certificate in person, please inform us in writing within two weeks of ‘results day’. Please bring photo-identification with you when you make the collection.

If you want the results and certificates posting to an address which is different from the one you originally gave us on your application form, please let us know in writing.

Macclesfield Tutorial College accepts no responsibility for posting results slips or certificates to an incorrect address.

Examination certificates are legal documents. If you lose them, the awarding bodies will be extremely reluctant to replace them, and may decline to do so. If they do agree to issue a replacement, they will charge you a considerable fee.